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We are the ones who are turned on, fierce, unashamed, untamed

Who live from the fire, uncompromising, unrestrained

Who are bold, passionate, raw and messy

We are the Wild and Free

That’s you and me, sister.

In our truest, rawest essence. Beneath all the fears, all the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, who we should be, about what’s allowed, what’s acceptable. Beneath it all we are wild and free, powerful and passionate, soulful and joyful creators of our experience. And it’s time. Time to reclaim our inner truth, to live all that we are.

It’s not always pretty.
But the feminine is not only the soft, loving, nurturing one – the safe, unthreatening, submissive one. We’ve been living that lie for far too long. She’s calling you, the wild one, that deep roar within that demands release.

No more hiding behind the mask of the quiet girl, the nice girl, the one who rocks no boats, who is endlessly loving and understanding as well as resigned, reduced, deeply grieving for the world, feeling impotent and hopeless.
You are not impotent.

You are powerful beyond your wildest imagining.

“In the silence of your bones and eyes, forgotten magic sits and waits for fire.”

{ Robert Montgomery }

Into the fire

And that power is a humming deep within you, in that dark space of mystery in which the creative forces that manifested the entire universe whirl and play. With that power you can transform and manifest ANYTHING.

To embrace the feminine is to embrace the darkness, the mystery, the unknowable; the ancient pulsing of life and death that the feminine, in her role as giver of life, is irrevocably bound to. It is to enter fully into the dance between the earth and the sky, the manifest and the as-yet-unmanifest, the dream and the creation.

It’s not neat, tidy or civilized. It is the wild in me, the wild in you.

Fierce. Unashamed. Uncompromising.

“When sleeping women wake, mountains move”

{ Chinese Proverb }

Your medicine to the world

How long have you been dimming your light? Hiding in the shadows?

Waiting to seize your courage and speak out? Waiting to break the rules and hurl yourself into the wildness that is your body’s natural expression? Waiting to call out those who do harm, to defend those who are defenseless, to dance in your passion, to scream in your fury?

How long have you been waiting to release the roar that is your wild soul?
How long have you been pressing ‘pause’ on pursuing your true calling? On your purpose, your gift?

Your gift is not just for you – it is your medicine to the world.
It is the healing you are here to deliver and it has a role to play in the story that is unfolding.
This is your time, your place.


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“Find freedom, aliveness, and power not from what contains, locates, or protects us, but from what dissolves, reveals, and expands us.” 

{ Eve Ensler }

Talkin bout a revolution

So many of us are still doing our best to conform to a culture that does not serve us.
That suppresses our inner knowing, the wisdom we have to offer, the lightness and wildness of our being. And so we move through the world afraid to fully show up with our messiness, confusion, anger and grief, our innate sensuous delight and our passionate joy.

Inhibiting ourselves and suppressing our fire. And suppressing our fire leads to feeling disempowered.
Small. Impotent. Powerless to to create lives we love and to have an impact in a world that is so in need of help.

This is a rallying call.
A call to re-ignite those fires, to leap into them, to surrender to what we are called to do, to be,
here, now.

“It doesn’t interest me who you know or how you came to be here. I want to know if you will stand in the centre of the fire with me and not shrink back.”

{ Oriah Mountain Dreamer }

The journey

What do we need in order to live wild and free, unashamed, uncensored, unrestrained…uncompromising?
To be the woman we sense within us – powerful, radiant, magnetic?

Release. Oh Lord, so much release. Release of all those stories and beliefs that we absorbed and repeat to ourselves, the ones that dim our light and diminish our agency. Release of the pain from old wounds, from grief and shame and guilt. 

A deep dive into exploring themes we reject, distort and suppress; our sensuality, our power, our anger. A reintegration of disowned parts of ourselves, of the broad and delicious spectrum of feminine qualities. 

A reclaiming of our unlimited creativity. A shift in our relationship with fear, from intimidation to empowered collaboration. Intimacy with our desires. With the mystical principle of surrender.

And a plan.

Letting go of limiting beliefs, behaviours and emotion

Exploring the places we don’t speak about

Reclaiming disowned and suppressed qualities

Reframing fear, connecting to your essential self and visioning

The invitation

If you hear the call to dive deep into the depths of who you are and what you stand for, if you say YES to this invitation, you will embark on a journey that will change you, into the marrow of your bones.

You will shed parts of yourself that no longer serve, you will explore and surrender and weep, you will re-embrace and reclaim and rejoice, you will shine light into the shadows and sweep the dust and cobwebs from long-forgotten corners,
and come home.

Deeply, deliciously, home to yourself. And from that place, anything becomes possible.

Will you liberate the wild power that pulses quietly, waiting for release?
Will you free your untamed self?


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In Part 1 we’ll get clear on what’s holding you back from living wild and free

➳ The connection between breath and the emotions, and how to regulate your emotional thermostat
➳ Transforming old beliefs and thinking that no longer serves into a constructive mindset
➳ Shifting from rejection to acceptance of disowned emotions, qualities and body parts
➳ How to process emotions and integrate the wisdom they hold
➳ Understanding your unfolding process and developing an empowering perspective of your life path


In Part 2 we’ll explore themes that hold trapped power to liberate your inner wild

➳ Your relationship with your sensuality and how to tune into your innate radiance
➳ How to honour your needs and desires and give yourself permission to be YOU
➳ Prioritizing pleasure and feeling delicious as a lifestyle habit
➳ Understanding the role of anger and how to express it constructively
➳ How you relate to your power and your Truth, and how to fully own both
➳ How to surrender to your innate wisdom and live from a place of expansion and trust


In Part 3 we’ll look at the different faces of power, wisdom and play of the mature feminine

➳ The 4 core archetypes of the feminine; Mother, Lover, Wise Woman and Queen – integrating the qualities, exploring the shadows, honouring the different forms of wisdom
➳ The 4 elements; Earth, Water, Air and Fire – exploring the energy of each and the way each element interacts with life, as well as the core focus and related themes
➳ The 2 power chakras; the Sacral (2nd) the Solar Plexus (3rd) – balancing the feminine 2nd chakra that moderates creativity, desire, pleasure and flow and the masculine 3rd chakra responsible for will, drive, courage and confidence


In Part 4 we’ll shift your relationship with fear, connect to the inherent knowing within and create the clarity to jump start your next steps into a wildly free, radically aligned life

➳ Your relationship with fear and desire, and how to transform fear-based conditioning
➳ Cultivating inner space and living from a place of deep presence and innate wisdom
➳ Listening within for radical clarity around how you want your life to feel
➳ Creating goals that are aligned with your core purpose and soul growth

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

{ Anaïs Nin }

This is for you if . . .

➳ If you are tired of holding back, of feeling inhibited, of hiding
➳ If you’re done having fear stop you from following your desires
➳ If you’re seeking liberation from the critical voices in your head
➳ If you know you’re not living everything that you are
➳ If you sense that it’s time for you to fully embrace your femininity and sensuality
➳ If you long to tap into your courage and take bold, empowered action in your life
➳ If you crave a way of being that feels aligned and easeful
➳ If you’re tired of feeling alone in your inner wildness and fiery intensity
➳ If you’re ready to create goals that align with your deepest essence
➳ If you long for a community of women to share this journey with
➳ If you sense there’s a deep well of wildness within you that has yet to be unleashed

What’s included

➳ 80+ pages of content and journaling prompts

➳ Over 20,000 juicy words to lead you back into the forest of your wild soul

➳ Access to the private Wild & Free Facebook group

➳ Access to a private collection of resources

{ Fillable Pdf format – print it out or use the digital version as you prefer }


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“The World Will Be Saved By the Western Woman.”

{ H.H. the Dalai Lama }

The Wild & Free Retreat

In the Autumn of 2015, when the leaves were a multitude of burnt ochres and shining golds, the first Wild & Free Retreat took place. A small group of women gathered in a secret valley to tune in, dive deep, explore, release and expand, to dance wildly, be fiercely free, and boldly and lovingly challenge our self-concepts.
What happened was magic. Sisterhood. Transformation.

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“There was so much magic in the Wild & Free Retreat. Steph’s approach allows for so much possibility & freedom, for deep healing, profound insights, for co-creation, for inner creativity to be fully expressed and experienced, and for empowerment. Steph creates such an easy, safe and loving space to be in that even if your worst fear happens, it’s actually ok. As it happens mine did, and within that sacred space I was able to have a life changing experience by moving through my fear.

The Wild&Free Retreat created deep shifts on many levels, within the presence of beauty, sacred silences, enlightening inspiration, wild fun, fiery laughs and enchanting feminine complicity. I dared to be myself and was met with nothing but encouragement, acceptance and the embrace of the divine support of sisterhood.”

Julie Le Carrer, www.julielecarrer.com

I cannot express with words how the Wild & Free Retreat impacted me. Steph created a loving and relaxing atmosphere where everything was possible and where all of us felt loved, looked after and safe. Both the times where we were working on the content and the times of relaxation were perfectly balanced and constituted a whole experience in which the connections grew and strengthened and which eased a personal transformation. Mind, body and soul were perfectly taken care of.

The retreat, for me, provided me with a recognition of my body – I have started to walk paying more attention to my hips, I also walk slower and tend to sway my hips. Only this makes me feel more sure and powerful! I have started to dance sensually at home when I am alone, and look at my breasts with love. The retreat has definitely changed me; I have gained more confidence and strength.”

Maria Ortega Garcia , www.mariaortegagarcia.com

About Me

Stephanie Lisa Kelly is an existential coach and writer who helps people create meaningful, purpose-driven lives. Her writing has been described as sensuous mysticism and she is the pen behind the dailylovebomb.com project. She hosts workshops and retreats and facilitates transformational containers at meetings, conferences and other events, is the creator of the Wild&Free Retreat, the Wild&Free Workbook and the Into The Wild adventure, co-hosted the 2016 Lifestyle Design Convention and facilitated at the 2016 Leaders Connect Congress. She has a degree in Psychology, is a Certified Coach, Facilitator, Flower Essence Therapist and Way of Council Practitioner.

Find more of her writing at www.stephanielisakelly.com

“What you seek is seeking you.”

{ Rumi }


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